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Greetings buyers & sellers alike!

Welcome to the PlayerAuctions Market Tracker page—the one page where you’ll find all the data you’ll need to make informed trading decisions. This page has all the latest market trends for all your favorite games! Here, you’ll be privy to all the ups and downs of their in-game currency.

Pages & Sages: Making Your Way Around the Market Tracker

Collecting necessary info for successful trades is easy with this nifty Market Tracker. Right at the top, you’ll be greeted by the current market price of any given video game gold (currency). To take a quick peek at the current selling price of currency from specific game titles, simply click on the drop-down menu to find your game. PlayerAuctions runs the gamut of game titles from popular titles like PUBG to classics like Diablo II and practically everything in between.

Current price is not the only info you can gather, though. The Market Tracker page is lush with information such as average order prices, 7-day trading highs & lows, as well as the number of active offers for particular video game currency. Armed with such knowledge at your disposal, the option to buy or sell game gold is one click away from coming to fruition.

Growth & Evolution: The Need for In-Game Currency

Gone were the days when the video games we enjoyed and loved were mere linear gameplays characterized by 2D side-scrolling predictability. Over the years, games have evolved into an altogether different beast—with multiple genres to boot. Each gameplay varies, but one trend that emerged and managed to stay relevant since the dawn of next-generation gaming. This is game currency—or game gold, if you will.

Fortnite, Path of Exile, Destiny—these aren’t the kinds of video games that you (or even your dad) played as a kid. Video game currency gives them an added level of dynamism resulting in better mechanics as a whole. The freedom to customize in-game characters and even boost your stats to level the playing field is the norm nowadays. The power, quite literally, is at the fingertips of the gamer.

Gaming & Currency: The Role of In-Game Currency as it Applies to Different Genres

Game currency in MMOs can be a tricky thing. With conventional MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV, and Warframe, currency is a game-changer as gold farming plays a role in the dynamics of the game's economy. You can buy resources that influence the law of supply and demand. You can also use currency for equipment that could very well affect the outcome of the next clan/guild war that you participate in because various items & ability boosts can become available to you.

On the other hand, there are games (such as PUBG and Fortnite, for instance) where currency takes a backseat in terms of affecting the game's ecosystem and overall gameplay. In these games, currency is used to buy cosmetic items to improve your characters looks. More often than not, currency in these games can only go so far as to provide minor conveniences like extra item slots, but that's about it.

Gold, Silver, Coins, Credits, Platinum, Cash or Kamas—whatever you may call it depending on your game of choice, it all amounts to one thing: in-game gold. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell game gold and other such resources, this page is your best reference to make the most of potential transactions. Make it a point to bookmark this page for easy access. You’ll need it to keep abreast of the latest game currency exchange rates.

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